Caribbean Stud Poker Online


A lot of times, Caribbean Stud is seen as a poker game that was slightly modified so as to suit casinos and their players. This is half true since the calculation of hand strength is done in the same way. But that is pretty much it when it comes to similarities. If you want to know more about this game, then you’d do well to keep reading.

Most Important Things to Know About Online Caribbean Stud

The Caribbean Stud game is a quite straightforward one. It has a lot of thrill and it is very fun, especially when compared to other games.

There are a lot of Progressive Jackpot Caribbean Stud games you would be able to play.

A Basic Strategy would help you take the house edge down to 3%

Why You Should Play Caribbean Stud

First of all, this game was created specially for casinos, as a table game. So it is very easy to play it online. It is actually better to play it online. So you don’t have to make any travel plans as you can sit anywhere you want and play this game. You also have no time restrictions to respect as you can log into your online casino at any time you want and take advantage of the games offered. You could also make use of your mobile device to play. This is a very convenient option. It is also cheaper to play online as you don’t have to pay for drinks, lodging and cab fares. The bet levels at online casinos are also lower than in physical casino. There are also welcome bonuses just for registering at a casino. You also have consistent bonuses you could take advantage of just for being a member. Also, online, the high rollers don’t have to worry about hiding their chip stacks. It is better and safer to play at a reputable online casino than to go out of a land based casino with cash full in your pockets. Also, beginners can learn freely when playing online. This way, they keep building up their gaming styles and techniques all yje while learning gameplay and rules.

Places to Play Caribbean Stud Online

This game is very popular and so there are a lot of online casinos that propose these games to play. But to choose one might actually be difficult. This is because there are a lot of differences when it comes to online casinos. There will never be a same experience with two different casinos. It is very easy to choose an online casino if you know what criteria you should base yourself on. You need to choose a casino that will suit your needs and wants and desires. There are things to base yourself on like the bonuses offered, the softwares these games make use of, the games they propose, the banking methods, the house edge, customer service, the speed for withdrawals, security much more. You should make sure that you try to best to play in such a way that the house edge would be low so that your winnings would be higher. But if you just make the right choice of casino, you can make just as much profit.

How to Play Caribbean Stud Online

The dealer is always set in this game so the only thing you would need to decide is the hand. After placing an ante and looking at your cards, you decide whether you want to fold or keep playing. Upon folding, you will lose the ante. If you want to contest, then your bet needs to be twice the value of the ante. The origins of this game are not really known. There are different stories that come up and some of them contrast even. But this game is not a really old one. It is suspected to have come up in the late 1980s with strong origins with Aruba, Aruba being a country in the Caribbean. This is because, according to rumors, American tourists first played it on cruise ships going to this country.

Learning this game is not difficult at all. If you have confidence in the hand that has been dealt, you should raise just by making your ante double. If you are not confident in the hand, just forfeit your ante. If you want to win, all you have to do is make sure than your hand is stronger than the dealers hand. First of all, the dealer had to be qualified to play. To qualify, he needs to have a King and an Ace. If he doesn’t have this, then your win ratio to your ante is 1:1. The only thing is that your raise is pushed back. If the dealer ends up qualified, and you beat him, then you are paid on your ante with a ratio of 1:1. The ratio is determined by the quality of the hand of your raise. If you lose to the dealer, then you will lose your raise and your ante. The rules of this game are not complicated. But it is better to understand all the rules before playing. Make sure to look at an in-depth explanation of all the rules of this game and everything you think could help you win.

Online Caribbean Stud Strategy

Before you start playing a game, it is very important to put a strategy in place. If you don’t do this, then you might see your house edge increased, which would lead to a loss in profits. Yes. There’s only one decision you need to make when you play Online Caribbean Stud. This decision is the one to fold your hand or not. But you need to know when exactly it will be great to fold. And when it would be great to raise and continue playing your game. And also, there is the question of the bet that could lead you to winning the progressive jackpot. Make sure to understand all this before you start playing.

History of Caribbean Stud

The first time this game was played, it was in Aruba. More specifically, it was played on cruise ships that were headed towards the Caribbean islands. This game has a more profitable aim in mind since the house edge is high. The game gained in popularity quickly enough because it is a little similar to poker and the rules are not difficult as well. The game is not really a variation of poker because the only main similarity is the five hand. It is much more of a mix of blackjack and poker. This is because instead of playing against other players, you okay against the dealer. Also, there is no bluffing in this game. As this game became even more popular, Las Vegas casinos adopted. This game didn’t really have a huge fanbase when it was first introduced because of the large house edge. So this prompted casinos to add progressive jackpots so that more players could play. This is a more accepted version and it had become infinitely mkre popular.

Play Caribbean Stud Online Now!

After reading this, you definitely shouldn’t even be thinking about not playing this game. It is an exciting and thrilling online poker game. You can play it freely, with small bets and with high stakes. You should keep in mind that you are playing not against other players. So you don’t have to read anyone’s face or figure their ways out. Make sure to make extensive research on this game so that you will know what exactly to do to win really big. Play it now!